Tricky search engine optimization and online advertising technology

search engine optimization and website marketing

in today’s mastery of the Earth network, any online business has a website has become a commonplace thing, they are mainly used to advertise their goods and companies. With the advent of search engines, it has become easier for potential customers to search for goods on the Internet. For any website to become efficient, its hyperlinks must land on the three main pages brought by search engines, and the ranking of the pages needs to be substantial, which means that a large number of website visitors arrive at the website. This can be achieved by applying search engine optimization or colloquially called search engine optimization. This is a method of advertising and marketing to increase the quality and traffic of a particular website through search engines.

Search engine optimization not only affects the search results of search engines, but also affects image search, video search and sector precision vertical search engines. It determines the ability of a search algorithm and search for many people who are truly famous. When a website link is submitted to a search engine, the spider collects backlinks through a page, thereby generating other pages, and retailing these pages on the search engine’s server. The knowledge collected from these pages is sent to the indexer, whose task is to extract content from the character pages, including keywords and their weights, the site of the page, and other backlinks that may be stored for spiders to crawl.

From the beginning, search engine optimization algorithms have relied on keywords and phrases, meta tags, and index files provided by webmasters. Meta tags provide information about a selected web page, but using them to index web pages has not proven to be prosperous, because some webmasters add irrelevant meta tags to increase clicks and generate huge advertising revenue. They even changed the HTML in the website to make your page get an outstanding ranking. But this is a case of abuse because it gets irrelevant pages.

Then, search engines began to use sophisticated ranking algorithms, which have been challenging your webmaster to manipulate in order to provide real results to web surfers. The ranking of the website is a function of mathematical calculations using power and number of inbound backlinks. The higher the ranking of a web page, the more likely it is for an individual to browse the web. Later algorithms were designed for various elements on the page, such as ranking and off-page elements. Considering that webmasters cannot manipulate page rankings, they started exchanging, marketing and buying links, which led to the spam of website links and created countless websites for this purpose.

Algorithms become more and more complex day by day, and major search engines hide their algorithms. Due to the increase in SEO fees, advertisers are attracted to spend money for it, which ultimately leads to high-quality websites. Although the investment in search engine optimization is very effective, it is risky at the same time, because the algorithm used will definitely change without any prior notice, and search engines will stop guiding visitors visit website. A large number of consultants can be found in the market that provides search engine optimization solutions. They manipulate the HTML resource codes on the website, such as menus, shopping carts, and sometimes even website materials, to attract more potential customers. For search engines like Yahoo, the algorithm is not based on page ranking, but based on the cost per click or set cost to extract pages. This may be because if an advertiser wants to display a web page containing its advertisement, then he will This pays a lot of wealth. This is a controversial level, because there is no doubt that only large companies have the ability to increase the number of clicks on their pages, not a small company that can have higher quality web pages. googleadwords explores ads by typing phrases in the search field through surfer. This multi-million dollar homepage pioneered the concept of pixel advertising, which can be a graphical advertisement. Depending on the pixel, the space is sold for advertisers. Key phrase advertising involves advertisers who obtain the URL of an Internet website and place their ads in the area. Therefore, search engine optimization itself is a market that brings excellent results to businesses on the Internet.

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