Two powerful way to use your search engine traffic

Many marketers know that search engine marketing is one of the best ways to attract visitors to their sites. This is a profitable way to acquire new users and customers.

But getting search engine traffic is only the first step to success. Although getting top search engine rankings will open the floodgates for targeted traffic, if your website visitors do not take any action, whether it is subscribing to your newsletter, buying your products or your affiliate products or any other actions, all this traffic All are useless.

In order to take advantage of your search engine traffic, you need to be able to convert these visits into at least one action. Of course, not all visitors will do anything on your website, except read any valuable content you may have or download anything for free. This is also a good way to attract repeat customers, which may lead to future actions.

Now is the time to focus on your website conversion strategy, which will be very critical to success. In fact, this is the second most important aspect of Internet marketing, after getting initial traffic.

Formula is as follows:

=> Targeted Traffic: Good Conversion: Sales / Leads / Subscribers

The following is a powerful way to use search engine traffic in two ways:

(1) your website design layout

web design does not seem so important, but to get on the Internet Success is essential.

You think this website is very unprofessional, and it looks very unprofessional and unprofessional to browse. You just need to click the “Close” button at the top of your browser. Now this website has lost a potential customer or subscriber.

Or you visited a professional website this time, but you don’t know what to do on this website. The reason is that the designers of the website did not consider the visitors, such as what they want them to do when they reach the homepage or other pages. Every page on the website must have a goal.

So one thing you need to do is to make sure your website is as professional as possible, ie has a friendly navigation menu, loads quickly, and avoids unnecessary graphics as much as possible.

Another thing is that you need to know in advance what you want your visitors to do after they arrive at your professional website. When traffic increases, the best strategy now is to adjust your conversions and test frequently to see what suits you better.

If you run a newsletter, you can place a subscription box in the upper left or right corner of the site, or if you have some products to sell, you can display one or two in other spaces. So when your visitors come to your website, they either subscribe to your product or buy your product. When any of these actions are taken, your site is performing its work.

(2) your pre-sales page or page

if you have a proxy product that you are promoting, the best thing is that these visitors sale, so you have more opportunities to sell. It’s like a personal endorsement.

If you have your own products, please use the following products:

(a) A powerful headline that attracts attention and attracts visitors to read means more opportunities to make sales. Use quotation marks in the title. They have been proven to make it more effective.

A headline like “Discover 3 hidden steps that you can use quickly and easily to start a profitable Internet business in less than 48 hours” is an eye-catching headline that allows visitors to stop in their Dead on track.

(B) Bullets that emphasize product advantages rather than characteristics. Sale of benefits. People want to know what benefits your product can bring them.

(C) Other true certificates of satisfied customers. Sometimes, you can get proactive recommendations, which is good, but if you don’t, a good way is to provide your product for free to experts so they can review it and send you their feedback.

(D) Professional banners that reflect your products and any benefits conveyed by your products.

(E) Use colors other than black. Red attracts attention, green reminds you of money, blue soothes the soul.

(F) Use subheadings to divide your small website sales copy into multiple pieces of information to make it well-organized and more readable.

(G) Use strong words to improve your sales efficiency. Words like discover, exclusive, proven, secrets, protected, limited time, results fast, quickly, easy… these words are all simple words that can have a huge impact on your sales.

(H) Give bonuses or discounts for a limited time. List the price of the bonus and provide a real discount.

(I) Use Post Scriptum (PS)-this is used at the end of your sales letter to restate the benefits of the product, what will happen if these people don’t order today, or how your product will improve their lives.

(J) Be brave and put your own photos on your website. This may seem mediocre, but putting your photos on your website will make you more credible. Remember, trust is important when doing business online. People like to know that they are dealing with real people, not with machines.

(K) Use a clear call to action, such as “click here now”, “click here now to take advantage of this limited time offer” or “click here now to get a copy of the discount”. This is very important. Don’t expect your visitors to act on their own. If you are doing everything right, forget including strong call to action, do not be surprised if you see your change


AIDA principle

(1) Note

(2) Interest

(3) desire

(4) action

should Implemented in any sales copy.

(L) Declare that all purchases are made safely on your website, so trust is encouraged. Include a picture of a credit card.

(M) Provide guarantees and use guarantee icons.

(N) Allow people to contact you by providing your personal details.

Committed to your website conversion is the foundation of your internet business success. Traffic without any type of operation is worthless, and when your conversion increases, you may get more results with the same traffic number just because you know how to convert better. So now, you have no excuse not to get more positive results from your search engine traffic.

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