Use Google ad words, sales doubled overnight

I recently had a client, we are working with a large Google ad words for his activities, customers have a wide variety of categories and vocabulary, we are targeting their ads. We did extensive keyword research and set up about 17 categories, all of which are targeted for advertising.

Customers spend about $100 on adwords every day. We easily filled up the ad words this morning because their keyword lists and categories are very extensive, and some of the terms are quite broad (the customer’s target market is Home decoration market-there are consumer groups).

Well, to put it bluntly: The client urged me to experiment with a CPC that was much lower than the one we used. Our goal is to average 2-4 locations, website visitors pay about $0.50-0.60 per click, and the conversion rate is about 28% (their conversion operations are quite easy for users, so the conversion rate is high). Based on various previous experiences, I’m sure that lowering the CPC will of course lower the position of the ad, and as fewer people see the ad, and seeing the ad buried in a long list of ads, the conversion rate will definitely decrease. The overall cost/conversion rate will rise, which will make their campaign ineffective.

My child, I was wrong!

OK-so there was a drop in conversions, but it didn’t go from 28% –> 5% or even 28% –> 15%….their conversion ratios only dropped a little to around 25%. Their cost per click however COLLAPSED!! They went from paying around $0.55c on average per visitor to paying around 0.25c per visitor, and with conversions holding their ground, their cost / conversion also COLLAPSED!


a) The number of visitors doubled .

b) The cost of each conversion is almost halved.

c) The daily conversion volume has doubled!

The moral of the story is:

Although customers spend a lot of money on adwords, I should make it clear from the beginning that if you spend a limited daily budget on adwords every day/month, and you can easily click through it every day Filling, then this method is really effective. If you are trying to enter a very small but lucrative market with a large budget, you may be in a situation where you bid high prices in order to win clicks from a small group of people, so in this case reduce your The cost per click (and ad targeting) may not make sense.

However, if you have a very extensive list of keywords, you can easily fill up your daily click budget-I strongly recommend you to do the following:

You can see lower advertising prices and lower advertising prices here, You can see the lower advertised price here.
If your conversion tracking is set up correctly, then you should be able to clearly observe the change in conversion percentage. Based on my current experience of trying this method for more than 6 customers in the past few months, I predict that you will see a drop in conversion rate, but in most cases it will not be as you think, you may also Seeing a dramatic increase in visitors, and you have achieved conversions within a limited budget. If you suddenly find that your daily click budget is insufficient, then maybe adjust the maximum CPC/bid until you comfortably meet your budget and observe the change in cost per conversion.

If you are in the above situation, your monthly budget on Google Adwords is very small, and your target market is very wide, then this is likely to greatly increase your return on ad spend, and it is possible to increase Google Adwords turns into a channel for your business to enter the market. Clicks on lower ad positions don’t necessarily convert at a lower speed! ! It’s like everything in online advertising… Don’t stick to past prejudices against what you think works, just try it out and see what happens!

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