Use pictures to improve your search engine rankings

if you are an online business owner, then you must read this article. You may lose hundreds of visitors every day. Did you know that millions of people search the Internet for photos of old believers, wild horses from 69 years, or cartoons by Bill Clinton? Potential customers are now searching for graphics of your products and services. Have you seized their business?

The major search engines have been collecting images on the website and sorting them by topic, keywords, and alt tags. Are you optimizing your image to take full advantage of this free advertising?

Google’s image search accounts for 12% of its regular search queries. This requires a lot of graphical searches. For example, Google’s image search is more than the regular query of If your online business is for taking pictures, then this percentage may mean that your traffic will skyrocket to 25-40%.

There are some basic rules to optimize your image. Although optimization is optional, I strongly recommend that you take 30 seconds to add the alt and title tags and the correct graphic name. The gap between traffic volume and income can be very large.

Some people now avoid alt tags. I still like them and use them to my advantage. The trick is to encode the label so that it provides a line of information to website visitors.

For example, I have a fitness website that displays photos of different sports. The alt tag for a specific exercise reads: tightening-keeping the belly button pulled into the spine.

In other words, use alt tags to summarize the main points that you need to have graphics in the first place. Be sure to include words that help define the picture in the alt tag. The alt tag is only displayed when the graphic is not loaded or the visitor is using a text-based browser.

The title tag is also used in the image. When you move the cursor over the image, the title tag will be displayed. The title tag is built into the encoding of the image like the alt tag. You should also use words that describe the picture and provide additional information.

Another way to optimize images is in their file names. All graphics have a file name when they are saved. This is an easy way to earn points with search engines! Rather than name your ab crunch picture 1yhjdk65789.jpg, how about name it ab-crunch.jpg? Everything uses words to describe the image.

This may be reminding you of keywords. Pictures should be regarded as your online commercial content. I will even go a step further and say that pictures should be an integral part of the content of your website. Use all your advantages to rank high on the engine!

One warning: don’t spam your alt or title tags. Search engines are becoming more and more intelligent. Build your online business with dignity and honesty. The regression will be 10 times. Your hosting company should provide image search traffic analysis on your website. If your hosting company does not provide this, strongly consider changing the hosting company. In the coming months and years, graphics and image searches will increase. You must know how it affects your traffic and your bottom line.

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