Use the article as a search engine spider bait

Many marketers know that writing articles is a powerful method of online marketing. The real power of article promotion is to get as many articles as possible to be published on other websites, and of course to read. If your article has not been read, it means that the chance that your website link will be clicked at the end of the article in your author’s resume is almost zero. Well, this article will not tell you how to make your article read and your website link clickable, but focus on your article can be used as a search engine spider bait.

Search engine bots like Googlebot (Googlebot), Inktomi Slurp (Yahoo), and MSNBot (MSN) crawl the web regularly, fetching new and old pages in order to index them, or based on what you do with existing pages Update its database for any changes. Therefore, these search engine robots are also called spiders or crawlers visiting websites to perform their activities. If you imagine the above scenario, and your website is linked to a site that these robots often crawl, then your link is likely to be noticed and caught during the crawling process. This is already good news, because it means that your website will be indexed in search engine databases in the near future. Generally, the more frequent the activity of the robot, the faster your website and web pages will be indexed. It also depends on the quality of the website you link to. If it is a good website with a few high-quality inbound links, it will be frequently visited by spiders, and your website can only benefit from it.

A very profitable strategy for implementing the above example is to write articles and submit them to the sites or article directories of other webmasters. If you manually search for sites that may be of interest to your article, then you will actively look for sites where you want to publish your article. This is a good thing, if you stick to it and your articles are of high quality, you will get some websites to publish them. On the other hand, if you submit to the article directory, this is also good, but it is quite passive, because you don’t know who will use your article. Initially, you just wait for someone else to come to the article directory, hoping to use your article. You can use these two methods because they are both effective.

So now, if you have completed this step, your articles will start to be spread across multiple websites, guess what? Your website links will also be hyperlinked on these websites, and you will benefit from them:

(1) Your link popularity will increase because you will get backlinks from multiple websites.

(2) If your article is good and read, you will get traffic from the links in your author’s resume.

(3) You can establish name recognition and expert status in your chosen field.

(4) Your website will be spidered on a regular basis, and you will benefit, because any new webpages you build will be indexed quite quickly, plus any new changes, your existing webpages will be reflected in the index quite quickly .

(5) It is profitable to promote your new website in this way, because once it has a solid foundation in search engines, you will easily build new websites in the future and get them crawled and indexed. The answer is simple, give you a link to your new website in the future, on your original new website.

(6) Your search engine ranking will get better and better.

Here is a good list of article directories or article libraries that can help you start your article marketing:

http ://

If you want to know which websites are using your article, this is easy. Go to a search engine, type in the title of your article and enclose it in double quotes, such as “5 tips to get more traffic to your website”. When a website just uses your article, it will not immediately appear in search engine results. You just need to give search engines time to index it. For some sites, it may be fast, while for other sites it may be slower. It depends on the quality of the website to use your article. Well, don’t worry about this, focus on getting your articles to be submitted to other webmaster websites or article directories. Over time, you will be surprised how many websites are using your articles. In the above benefits (6) talked about improving your search engine rankings, if you know how to implement this simple technique in your articles, you will get the most benefit from this strategy. Get more information below.

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