Use WordPress SEO plugin – Steps to Success of

a large number of WordPress SEO plug-ins are available, they will help your site search engine friendly as possible. Here I look at some key WordPress SEO plugins and what they will do for you.

However, before that, I must emphasize that if you make basic mistakes in search engine optimization, these plugins will not help. The most important thing here is to choose your keywords. If you choose the wrong keywords, your website may be perfectly optimized, but you still cannot get a high search engine ranking because there is too much competition. Before you start building your website, you should conduct proper keyword research and find a reasonable search volume without too much competitive keywords. Then, you should choose a primary keyword and include it in the domain name. Only them you should set up your website.

Before considering WordPress SEO plugins, you should:

Choose a theme design and SEO in mind.

(Change the title to “postalinks” page).

Use the links in the header or footer to create your standard pages (these are important for search engine optimization and should include About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Anti-Spam Policy, etc.).

At this stage, you may want to keep things simple. In this case, you should install the following WordPress SEO plugins, “All in one SEO package” and “Google XML Sitemap”. In both cases, you can start from the default settings. In the former, you only need to enter the metadata of the homepage (which will appear in the search results).

There are alternatives to “all in one SEO package” with additional features, if you plan to get into the details of SEO, you might like to install one of them, such as the “Platinum SEO package”.

Then, you can add other WordPress SEO plugins to perform functions such as shortening the url, controlling title tags, managing redirects, automatically generating links, controlling comment pages or caching the site to speed up page loading. While all of these are helpful, your efforts may be better directed towards the content in the beginning.

The most important part of web search engine optimization is to have good and unique content, which is written in a search engine friendly way. It’s important not to overdo it, mainly writing for search engines, as this will result in bad content from the visitor’s point of view and will be viewed negatively by search engines. To help produce good optimized content, you can install my favorite WordPress search engine optimization plugin “seoppressor”.

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