Web site owners and search engine optimization: do’s and don’ts

as a search engine optimizer, I have a great opportunity to cooperate with many site owners, submission and optimization services for website and have some work experience to share this article with you. Website owners come from different categories: e-commerce sites, services or personal pages. Some of them have expertise in computers and the Internet, but most of them are newbies to the search engine optimization (SEO) religion. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to provide some useful behavioral rules (notes) for novice website owners to match their search engine optimization activities.

Search engine optimization companies can’t help you. Help yourself-the search engine optimization process is becoming more and more manipulated, and it is becoming the big market today. Many websites provide search engine optimization services at different costs. They promise that the customer’s website will be at the top of the search engine. If so, who will be kicked out of the list? nobody? So, if you are a website owner with a small budget and moderate search engine optimization knowledge, rely on the search engine optimization company as a consultant. They can’t do everything for you. To help you optimize for search engines, do it yourself. In most cases, website owners will play an important role in the success of SEO campaigns.

Don’t submit your website to thousands of search engines and directories-simply put, in fact, there are not even thousands of “engines” to submit. However, there are hundreds of search directories, hybrid search engines, free (FFA) pages and classified advertising sites. They are just an unorganized list of links that point to the last 50 or so URLs submitted to the service. The main purpose of these websites is to collect email addresses from network marketers in order to send them offers for other products and services. By submitting, you unknowingly agree to them to email you. Some major search engines (such as Google) do not like this link farm and may actively ban such sites.

Repeated submissions will not improve your ranking in search engines-many website owners misunderstand search engine submissions and search engine optimization. Therefore, they are just digging for as many free submission services as possible on the Internet, and hope that one day their website will be at the top. Search engine submission is only the first step, to quickly notify search engines of the new life of your website on the Internet. For search engines, how to put your site at the top of the search index, how your site grows or how to optimize is more important. So repeated submissions will not work in these situations. Take a moment to pay attention to the content and link building of your website.

Don’t try to deceive search engines in any way-today’s search engines are smarter than you think. This technique is like most of the time the keywords are repeated in one line (keyword filling), the same color text is used as the background (hidden text), and the doorway page. . It is outdated and they may oppose you. Search engines do not like to be deceived, and they may punish your website for it. In addition, be careful to use services such as automatic link exchanges or purchase text links. You can use it yourself, but be careful.

Your website’s exposure on search engines does not mean high rankings and website conversion rates-some search engine optimization companies guarantee that your website will be included in search engines. This is so easy because when your website is indexed and it is included in search engines, you can see some simple but useless keywords in it. No one will find your keywords or grammar. Also, pay attention to which search engines the search engine optimization company will optimize your website for. Compared with Google or Yahoo, it is easier to get listed on some less reputable search engines. On the other hand, a distinction is made between standard listing and sponsored listing. You have to pay for the sponsor list, but get fewer visitors and sales. So make sure you clearly understand what the search engine optimization company offers. A successful search engine optimization campaign requires the keenness of the website owner and close cooperation between the website owner and the optimizer. Before the event starts, they should discuss the price, event time, keyword selection and specific search engine optimization. . . .

Be sure to be familiar with search engine optimization tools such as search engines, HTML, PageRank-some website owners rely on the webmaster for every task of their website (for example: adding a text link, changing the page title). In most cases, website owners will play an important role in the success of SEO activities by familiarizing themselves with search engines, HTML, PageRank and other search engine optimization tools. Search engine and PageRank evaluation will help you search for competitors’ websites, evaluate keywords, check the link penetration rate of the website (the number of links to your website) and link saturation (the number of pages on the website has been indexed). In addition, using basic HTML syntax, you can easily exchange links with other sites without having to call the site administrator all the time to modify pages with links.

Start writing today-website owners may be beginners in search engine optimization, but experts in their industry. Today, writing is an important skill for search engine optimization. Start writing some articles about your business now and submit them to the article directory along with your backlinks (links to your website) to increase the visibility of your website. For example, suppose you are a mother at home and manage an e-commerce website that sells strollers and baby products. If you can share your experience of choosing and using strollers with other mummies, it will be a wonderful thing. Not only will search engines receive notifications, but some potential customers will also be attracted to your website. In this article, I provide website owners with some basic rules of conduct for SEO. They include, but are not limited to, myths about search engines, search engine optimization companies, the importance of search engine optimization tools, and article writing skills. Learn them today to make friends with search engines and push your competitors aside.

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