What is Google Dance?

From time to time, Google looks more like a search engine, a lifeless tool for processing user queries, than a little hodgepodge that makes people hold their breath and look at her in awe. In fact, Google has been performing its fascinating/unbelievable/troublesome (quirky) dance since 2000, but every time, whether it’s the upgrade date or the result, it’s unparalleled and unpredictable.

Intriguing issues such as technical background, Matt Katz’s explanation, infamous updates (such as Jagger and PageRank jumping) have been thoroughly researched on the Internet, so let’s not talk about just a few words and focus on another one. Topic: Every user knows that dancing is Google’s nature, but does anyone want to know what dance it performs?

In related forums, I classified people’s opinions according to the dance style classification table.

So, this time, Mr. G, the honorary artist of the World Wide Web, may be dancing:

seductive tango. Many webmasters were quite surprised by the results of the January update, because after Google Dance, their PageRank became a noble dark green, and their rankings looked more attractive:
“One of my blogs has been in the past 3 years. It has always been PR2-now it is 5! I feel good, Dadaba…” Orderly

minuet. Strangely, despite Google’s repeated delays (for example, October 2007, and October 2005, when PageRank had not been updated for about 6 months), some website owners still believe in the systemic nature of Google Mobile:
“Google is regularly Update-Update up and down. I learned from internal sources that the next revision will be made on April 14, 2008. “Ouch. . It seems they are wrong? . .

Noisy. At the same time, many users do not think that Google’s performance on the scene is in any order, and that Google’s behavior is strange, intended to disturb the mind of the webmaster:
“Hey guys, something weird really happened to Google. Yesterday my PR changed from 0 to 2-I did expect it because of my link-but a few hours later, I checked After a while, I saw PR0 again… Does anyone know what is going on? ”

Quick and thrilling dance. All audiences were shocked by the crazy rhythm Google chose for its performance. In fact, most people don’t like the rhythm of “Alto Allegro”, and prefer “Golden Mean” and “dolce”:
“The current update is coming too fast, but you never know what you can get from Google.”

Meaningless chicken dance. While some webmasters are annoyed by the color of their PR bar, others refuse to acknowledge its importance and look at the update from a philosophical point of view:
“Actually, PageRank is not important in search engine optimization, so don’t worry. It. Just focus on your search engine optimization.” Other versions. Do you know other dances that Google is good at?

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