What is Google freshness update on the launch of Google freshness update recently, Google. At the moment I believe you are thinking; this is all that is needed, a new modified Google algorithm. But you don’t have to worry; the imminent changes with this particular change proved to be subtle. Although experts seem to say that this correction may affect nearly 30% of all search queries, it doesn’t feel so bad at the moment, because Google Farmer has been there for months. If you want to know exactly what the Google Freshness update is, please allow me to do my best to explain. About a year ago, the main search engine Google introduced an update called Caffeine Update. This is to help ensure that pages that need to be updated regularly get their due status. A website that provides sports rankings is an excellent example. The Google Freshness update is a supplement to this update. Now with the Google Freshness update, more and more websites will prioritize fresh content, not just those that want it. Now you have to update your blog or website frequently, and the pressure will be even greater. Now please don’t get me wrong, some websites may not need to be updated as often as others. If your website is about a niche market, you don’t have to worry about it in the past few years, but if you have a website about a mobile phone or a TV show, you will want to know what happened within your knowledge. Stay at the top of your search ranking. Let me give you another good example of how the Google Freshness update works. Let’s see who will win. Any time you enter the “World Series”, Google will understand that you want the results of this season’s playoffs, not the 39th World Series. So now, unless people use timestamps to determine which year, month, or day the data you want comes from, Google will ensure that you receive the latest, most recent, and up-to-date subject material. Therefore, you can see how the Google Freshness update works and who it will affect. Most people don’t need to worry about this update, although many people say it affects about 35% of search queries. As long as we continue to work hard to optimize search engines and create high-quality content and blog posts, we have nothing to worry about. Now, let me say one last thing. Those who think you can achieve success by using a simple three- or four-page web site, please think again. With the freshness of Google, you will have to work harder to rank for the search rankings you like and need.

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