What is link popularity?

Link popularity indicates the total number of links pointing to a certain website. This term represents a measure of the quality and quantity of links to a site.

Link popularity is the result of search engine algorithms having to imitate human intelligence. Think about the purpose of Google and other major search engines. Search engines just want to provide users with the best search service ever. This is why every query needs truly relevant results.

Considering that the web has developed a lot, search engines can no longer rely solely on the content and optimization on the page. This is why non-page factors are essential. Off-page factors are very similar to human social relations.

The more inbound links to a site, the more search engines can see it. In order to better understand this phenomenon, I will try to make an analogy with the human world.

A link to your website will give you a kind of voting power, which will help search engine opinions. It’s like a person receives a recommendation letter from another person, so the third person has a better evaluation of him.

When search engines are trying to find relevance, inbound links are essential for any website trying to succeed online. If you do a simple search on Yahoo, you can see that the websites ranked on the first page of the search engine have thousands of links to them. Most of them have links to articles, press releases, and blogs from general directories, niche directories, local directories, and different sites, and these links are submitted to specific directories, related and non-related sites. One-way link submission and article submission is a must-do for every website struggling to get to page 1. The directory submission cannot be completed multiple times because the directory does not allow duplicate URLs. Only by establishing a link can it be completed. That’s why you shouldn’t skip this link building must do.

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