What is search engine optimization? Do I want to optimize for my online company search engine? If so, how does it work?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. All in all, this means a model for improving the possibility that your website will be one of the first results provided by search engines, which are based on the keywords used to initiate the search.

Google and Yahoo-So far, the huge advantage of desktop computer operators is to use one of the main search engines: Google, Yahoo or Bing to locate furniture and services online. For this reason, almost all search engine optimization is to get the best “page rank” on Google, Yahoo, or imaginable Bing.

“Page rank” is the name used to measure the importance of a website on the web. PageRank’ is a number between 0 and 10, where 10 is the largest imaginable score. The more prominent a website is considered, the better the page ranking and the higher the website’s display in search results.

Normally, when an ordinary personal computer operator searches for a certain business or service on the Internet, he will not see farther than the second or third page of the search conclusion. Almost everyone believes that if a company is on the first or second page of performance, then the company must be doing something more valuable than the companies listed below it.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Chitika, a search-based advertising company, Google’s number one “organic” advertising spot attracted 34.35% of users. This is roughly equivalent to the sum of traffic from position 2 to position 5, and more than the sum of traffic from position 5 to position 20. The value of No. 1 organic spot is actually twice the value of No. 2 organic spot, and it has dropped significantly since then.

Obviously, if you want to develop potential customers or expand your business through your website, then your website must appear at the top of the list of keywords related to your business or service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-a form of intentional purchase-to a lesser extent, the exact actual technology Google and Yahoo use to check “page rank” is known only to them, and it is a carefully protected proprietary formula. However, it is common enough for search engines to treat materials as “page rankings”. As long as the correct methods are followed, powerful search engine optimization is still achievable.

In fact, there are no tricks or secrets that can make you number one on Google overnight (assuming you ignore some unique and rarely used keyword phrases). Now I know that some of you will think when reading this article,’What about this trick or trick I read on the’Blue Hat’ or’Black Hat’ forums? ‘. Well, this article is focused on technology. Someone will use an actual company website instead of some SEO affiliate marketing website. I will only talk about’white hat SEO’.

Realization-a complete, comprehensive, search engine optimization process is the key to improving’page ranking’, it takes time and some work. The era of being able to simply use “keyword content” or use hidden content to improve page rankings is over. Nowadays, search engines have become more savvy, and useful search engine optimization requires truly meaningful content pages, social networks, social bookmarks, article submissions, and concentrated marketing efforts.

Start with a solid website construction-the first and most important factor, SEO is a well planned and drafted website configuration. This is an infrastructure, and everything else will be manufactured on this basis. Trying to do SEO on a bad website configuration is like building a castle on quicksand! No matter how hard you try to put things together, they will fall apart in the end.

Marketing and diligence-assuming you have a good website configuration, the next step is to do some market research. There is an urgent need to know what “keywords” need to be optimized. Search volume is a very meaningful factor in determining the focus of a keyword. If no one is searching for keywords, then trying to focus on keyword phrases will not make much sense! A conclusion needs two or three key phrases that best describe your business or service. Focusing on these keyword phrases will give you a niche that you can actively target.

How long will this take? Well, now that you have started a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy, how long will it take you to see the results? For the sake of reasonableness, suppose that one to six months of intense search engine optimization and marketing efforts are required before the company obtains meaningful results. Remember, this is a long-term solution and needs to be seen as an investment. Relax and be patient, the rewards of an effective search engine optimization campaign and marketing process are too many to list!

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