Why a new website may be affected by Google’s sandbox attack

if you have already experienced the founder of a new website painful experience, but no matter what you do, it seems unlikely the top 10 in the Google search engine rankings, the top 20 or even Top 30?

This is the well-known Google sandbox effect. This situation does not necessarily happen on every new website, but experts believe that it will happen to about 60-70% of new websites.

But what does “get the sandbox” actually mean?

The fact is, no one knows for sure except a few engineers at Google. Most search engine experts believe that in the first few weeks after the launch of a new website, there are multiple factors that will trigger the sandbox effect.

It can happen, you start a brand new website, a week later, it is ranked 10th in Google (this obviously does not happen for competing keywords, but for long tail keywords, it is very possible). You did some work on your new website, you established some backlinks, and suddenly, a week later, this website appeared in about 100 places.

This is a typical sign that your website is being sandboxed. For some keywords, a new website will be sandboxed immediately after it is published.

Now, what is the reason for a new website being sandboxed?

As I already mentioned, no one knows for sure, but here are some of the reasons seems to trigger the sandbox effect:

build too many links too fast

all the backlinks come from a single source – for example, all of the back links All come from social bookmarking sites.

The website contains too much duplicate content. This can happen if you extract content from the RSS feed.

There is a lack of anchor text variants-this happens when the exact same keywords are used for all backlink anchor texts.

As I have already mentioned, it seems that certain highly competitive keywords or keywords belonging to a certain niche will automatically trigger the sandbox effect.

Once your website is sandboxed, you can really do a lot of things to get rid of it in a few days or weeks. Wait patiently. Create unique content and establish high-quality backlinks. Most sites are trapped in the sandbox for about 4-8 months. So, your website may stay in the 100th place for a few months, and then suddenly enter Google’s top 10.

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