Why better optimization article writing for your target audience than search engines

in recent years, search engine optimization is an area that has been surrounded by mystery and stories. Many people know this very well, and use this knowledge to increase the success rate of their business. You shouldn’t be surprised, then, there are many ways to search engine optimization. Writing content for a website to rank in search engines is certainly such an area. Some people think that it is better to write information specifically for search engine crawlers. This method has probably been abandoned by many people, and they have been using it.

For Google, the latest algorithm has been proven to be the latest. People visit your website hoping to find useful information and facts. What they are not looking for are articles that attract keywords, that is, SEO articles. This method is usually used because there is not enough information or a correct point of view. If you write for a specific reader, you will see some great things happen, such as rising rankings.

Remember, Google will pay attention to how long people spend on your site. This is called the “bounce rate” of your website, and it provides a lot of information to Google. If most people leave after only a few seconds, then Google will conclude that your website has nothing to do with the search term and is not targeted. You don’t want this to happen. Or, if people spend a lot of time, then you will get more active search engine marketing points from Google. One day they will be linked together.

Your ability to successfully write for readers and give them what they want is rooted in solid industry research. There really is no other way to understand your audience, or target market, and provide it to them. When you have good demographic data, you can better understand people’s preferences. If you take the time to go to forums where your target market spends time, you can handle their difficulties well. Then, you will write their questions from a good standpoint. This kind of research-based writing can also bring some benefits to your content. Your content will be relevant-Google can determine other things by using a simple algorithm. They can read your article and extract general relevance. The only real way to get this kind of writing is when you really understand your subject. So putting this metric and bounce rate together, Google has a good idea of ​​how appropriate your website content is.

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