Why do some search engine optimization to ensure that your business will cause danger

to ensure good. The problem is that in the world of search engine optimization, they are just an illusion. Here are a few reasons why they are and why you should run another way when one is provided.

Everyone likes guarantees. Businesses are often built on a foundation. How many advertisements have you seen on TV, that guy usually screams at the screen like he won the lottery, throwing in the word “guarantee” every few seconds? Why do they do this? Because it is very popular.

The guarantee is good. Usually, they are a sign of a business that truly supports what they say. Unfortunately, this is not something you can do 100%. If you don’t believe me, then venture into the dark world of unethical SEO. What is one of their most powerful offenses? Search engine optimization guarantee. This is usually the case.

Come on the first page of Google

“You will be on the first page of Google in one month! Guarantee!” And they will back it up. The point is: not all Google pages are created equal, including the first page. The trick is simple. They will choose a keyword that suits you very well. Similar to “[your company name]Widgets”. So, for example, if your company is Acme and you provide magicians, they might let you get #1 for “Acme Wand”.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t find your company name on the first page of Google, you either have a very generic name (such as besthammers) or you have a big problem with search engine friendliness. Google will automatically rank high for your business name. No skill is required.

Industry Keywords Method 2 – never used

another trick is to give you a keyword sounds good, but no one uses when searching. Because it is a keyword that does not generate traffic, no one will target it, so it is an easy place to rank.

For example, the aforementioned company may see “Left Hand Hammer” on the first page. What a great thing. You will never see profit from that keyword. But your SEO company will take you to the first page of Google because of it, just as they promised.

Don’t confuse ranking and profitability.

Anyone who guarantees a ranking is either very inexperienced, or they have not considered your best interests. Just their own. It is difficult to rank in Google’s competitive market. This requires time and effort. Don’t be fooled by SEO guarantees-this is another example of something that sounds too good to be true. What do they say about those things? This is a good suggestion, especially in search engines and online marketing.

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