Why do you need the Flash website by the web design experts redesigned Raleigh

Do not let Flash web design hinder you. Whether you are a Raleigh web designer, small business owner or e-commerce marketing manager, now is the time to say goodbye to adobeflash and start enjoying the benefits of modern web design technology.

When you launched your website a few years ago, designing with adobeflash might be a good idea; your Raleigh web design company created an attractive website with advanced graphics. But if your Flash website does not provide the marketing results you expect, there is a reason: Flash is not friendly to search engines… and in many cases, it is not even user friendly.

Are you still using flash? The following are the reasons for the website redesign:

Flash is not good for search engine optimization. Flash files are basically invisible to search engines, which means that if your website is completely Flash web design, potential customers are less likely to see you in Google search results, and you missed the development of online potential customers The number one source.

Flash hurts your mobile marketing strategy. Recent data predicts that by 2015, the use of mobile networks will exceed the use of desktop Internet. But if you have a Flash website, you will be thrown into the dust. iPhone, iPad, and many other mobile devices are not compatible with Flash, which means your website will not appear at all.

Flash is more difficult to update. Because Flash elements are difficult to integrate with CMS (Content Management System), they are more difficult to change and more expensive… This means that many Flash websites are outdated.

Flash is not user-friendly. In addition to the slower speed, the Flash website also requires users to have the latest Adobe plug-in to view the website.

Flash is not open source. Because Flash is Adobe’s proprietary software, your site relies on third parties to display information. Open standard software like HTML5 provides greater accessibility for your Raleigh website viewers-no Adobe plug-ins are required.

Attractive, interactive web design-no need for Flash!

With modern web design technology, there is no need to rely on adobeflash to obtain attractive graphics and interactive website elements. Open standard programming languages ​​like HTML5 provide the best choice, allowing web designers and developers in Raleigh to create all the design features of a Flash website without any negative effects. So when you are ready to design a new website, say no to Flash. Provide your website with the best search engine rankings and potential customer conversion capabilities-choose high-end, customized web designs from Raleigh website design companies (such as Click Optimize).

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