Why do you want to continue the search engine optimization, you have reached your goal of ranking

If you hire a search engine optimization company so that you ranking in Google search results, but they do let you ranking, then this work That’s it, right?


Search engine optimization should be considered an ongoing process, it is actively maintained day after day, week after week, month after month.

If you stop trying to keep your website at the top of Google, sooner or later, your ranking will drop and you will return to square one!

Why is this happening?

There are many reasons, and I will only explain a few of them now.

Ranking factors will change over time, and

search engine optimization is not a static discipline.

What works today may not work tomorrow, and what works yesterday may seriously damage your ranking today.

This is because Google regularly adjusts its goals to make it a good SEO practice. The responsibility of search engine optimization and the change of ranking turned into a good time almost overnight.

Therefore, whether it is you or the search engine optimization provider you choose, you must keep abreast of every modification Google makes to its ranking algorithm, otherwise you will be completely exposed to Google’s whims and risks. Let your ranking collapse every time it is updated.

This is not a bluffing threat, as thousands of businesses have seen their online sales collapse, as Google’s Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Fred updates will prove.

A good search engine optimization provider will keep abreast of all major adjustments to Google’s algorithm, and react quickly and decisively when introduced to prevent the decline in customer rankings and the resulting decline in potential customers and sales.

Your site may not be worth in the future of the highly ranked

field of optimization in today’s search engines, content is king.

This means that the days of simply spamming inferior backlinks to make it number one on Google are gone.

Google has wisely adopted a shady (but sometimes effective) strategy that those not well-known SEO companies will use to obtain sites that might not be there until the top of Google.

Now, if you want your website to be at the top of Google’s rankings, you should always ask yourself, is it really worth having?

Do the pages you are trying to rank have better, more useful, and more informative content than those currently ranked high for the target keywords?

If not, then the first thing to do is to improve the page until it can provide the content that users searched on Google, better than the competition.

Once this is all done, once your site is ranked at the top of Google, everything is done, right?

In fact, no

question is, if a keyword is worth your aim, it is also worth positioned as the others, if they also create great content as its mission, even better than you, then you can make your Competitors take your profitable rankings, and then who will get the benefits, put your website in the original place.

A good search engine optimization provider will be able to pay close attention to what your competitors are doing and which content is rising threatening yourself so they can improve and enhance your own website content to ensure that it is still better than yours Competitors are stronger and therefore more likely to maintain their rankings.

Similarly, your competitors may also invest their time and energy to improve their non-site SEO ranking factors, such as the number of backlinks and social shares their content receives.

Similarly, a good search engine optimization will be able to identify when and how a customer’s competitors gain traction online, and respond accordingly to protect the customer’s ranking. They can even determine which strategies their competitors use to gain backlinks and social share, so they can copy these strategies for the benefit of their customers.

Your site’s authority will be affected by

a significant ranking factor in today’s search engine optimization landscape is the subject of the authority of your site.

Topic authority is a particularly important part of search engine optimization, because it is likely to become an increasingly influential ranking signal in the future, which means that it is best to quickly understand what topic authority is and how to use it on your website. It has a real understanding.

For a (very) brief introduction to subject authority, consider that in the future, given most other factors being equal, those sites that have established a lot of trust and authority with Google on a particular subject are likely to be more trustworthy than others. And authoritative websites rank much higher.

This has happened to a certain extent today, but over time, this situation may become more widespread and influential.

A good way to establish topic authority is to maintain a company blog that is regularly updated with high-quality content about some of the main issues, issues, and debates in your chosen field.

Similarly, you can accumulate by ensuring that your website contains all important information about your business, your history, and your specific working methods, and that everyone who visits your website can easily access your website. Topic authority.

The advantage of establishing the authority of the topic of the website in this way is that by showing your knowledge of the industry on the website, you are more likely to win the trust of the target audience, let them know what you are talking about, and let them rest assured that you are a family. A reputable company with real expertise in your field.

All these factors will help convert more website visitors into potential customers and salespeople, so for these reasons alone, it is worthwhile to work hard to establish authority on the subject.

Currently, search engine optimization providers are unlikely to have a thorough understanding of subject authority, rather than other aspects of search engine optimization, such as locating keywords, establishing backlinks and accumulating social shares, because this is the practice of modern search engine optimization A relatively new and still evolving aspect, but SEO providers are real professional students who will understand the importance of subject authority and know how to ensure that your website gets it, so that over time, The importance of topic authority is increasing day by day, and your website will be in the first place to maintain and improve its ranking, thereby helping you bring higher revenue and greater profits.

If you know the value of topic authority and realize its importance, then you will understand why there is an SEO expert in hand who has a good understanding of this ranking factor.

You will find it more difficult in the future to the new page will rank

Imagine a search engine optimization campaign is very effective for you.

You may rank correctly in a series of profitable keywords and benefit from it.

“The work is done!” You think about it, and then fire your SEO provider.

Then, you create a new product or service, and you also want to rank high in Google.

No problem, you just need to hire another search engine optimization company and let them do it for you.

But the problem is. .

At all times, you don’t have a search engine optimization company, you don’t have a professional supplier to build new backlinks for you, improve your website search engine optimization, gain your social share, and build your topic authority .

In fact, you are beaten by your competitors day by day. . .

Even if your existing ranking hasn’t fallen (although they probably have already done so), when you decide to create any new pages on your website, you will fall in Google rankings.

Your competitors have not given up their search engine optimization efforts and will steal you a march, which will require a lot of time, money, effort and pressure to restore lost land and usurp your competitors to make your rankings ,You want.

On the other hand, if you just keep your SEO provider when you feel you don’t necessarily need them, then you will be in a good position to be fast, easy, and at a low price on your website Improve the ranking of these new keywords so that you are in a good position to collect all the new leads and new customers that your competitors would have received.

Conclusion So, if your site because of a successful search engine optimization campaign and ranking, please think twice, as this may prove to be a very costly mistake!

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