Why Google’s index requires a complex mix of skills

if easy, everyone would do it. Get a

company name and product or service, on the first page of

the real Google search is not a trivial matter. In

fact, search engines have four different skills

optimists need to have. Most people have one or maybe

two skills, few people could have both the four skills. In

fact, to say that these four aspects are very knowledgeable people

need to actively develop other skills. Now, if you are

running your own business, do you really have time to do

this? Is this the best use of your time?

Search engine optimization requires four skills:

Web Design – Making a visually attractive page

HTML coding – developing search engine friendly coding

website design behind

Scribe – a real readable text on the page

Marketing – actually used What is search and

which keywords can bring more business to your company?

Many website designers work more eye-catching

design and animation and clever scroll button hopes

to attract people into their website. This is the first big

mistake; the use of such a design would actually reduce

Google the possibility of obtaining high ratings. Yes, that’s right; all of

the money you spend on website design could be wasted

because no one will find your site.

The reason for this is that before you get people into your site

you need to make your website spider like robot. Spider robot

Search engine companies use software

to search the Internet for all the sites, and then

examined the sites, they use complex algorithms to

place. Some sophisticated techniques used by web designers

can not be trawling spider robots. They come to your site, look

at the HTML code and exit stage on it, do not even worry about the

ranking of your website. So, you will not be found on any meaningful


I’m surprised I have read many times the site, then immediately

know they are a waste of money. The problem is that

the money paid by designers and companies really do not want to

know it. In fact, I no longer play the

bad news (too many shootings!); I now trying to solve this problem.

Therefore, to optimize a site so that it is Google friendly and usually

there is visually attractive website and

find sites

second skill is the actual HTML code optimization to

be friendly to the spider robot. I think it’s different, and network

design because you really need

the code rather than using the editor like FrontPage

web design. This skill requires a lot of time and experience in

development, when you think you’ve been successful when

the search engine company has changed the algorithm used to calculate the

height of the display of your site in the search results.

Even the most enthusiastic amateurs, this is not suitable.

The results need to constantly monitor, add the code snippet

or deleted, and then continue to check what competitors are doing.

Many people who design their own websites think they will get

The search is because it looks good and completely missed this step.

If you do not have a deep understanding of the working principle of the spider robot,

you always hard to get your company the first time

the results page of Google

Third, I believe that copywriting is a skill in itself

correct. This is what real people are writing text

to your site will read. Google robots and other

spiders robots like Inktomi like text – but only when well written

with proper English. Some people try to fill up something on their website

keywords, while others put white writing in the margin (so

spider robot can see but humans can not see).

Spider robot is very complex, not only will not fall

for these tricks, they may actively penalize your site –

Google terms, this is the sandbox. Google developed the new website

“naughty” sites and effectively trash 3-6 months,

you can still find, but not until results page 14 – Really

Useful! In addition to good than English, the spider robot is

reading the HTML code, so the copy writer also needs

to appreciate the interaction between the two. I

recommend anyone to copy their own websites

to write normal, well-structured English sentence

read by machines and humans together.

Finally, a skill is marketing, after all, that is our true nature

to you and you do marketing

products / services on the network. The key here is to set up the site

in order to search for

your business. I have seen many websites

You enter the company name. The other can be found by typing

in “Manchester, northwest England accountant”, which is great,

but nobody really did kind of search. So the marketing

skill requires knowledge of the company’s business, the business is what

really want to sell, to understand what is the real

search might benefit

I want you to see that professional search engine

optimization company needs more to web design

Improve your business. To ensure that any search engine optimization of your choice can cover all the bases

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