Why is WordPress bad?

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system. It does not require coding skills or even a basic understanding of HTML. Anyone can build a website, but knows very little about technical network development or network marketing. However, some large companies use WordPress to build beautiful and powerful websites. As long as someone monitors and updates them regularly, they look good and work well.

Many successful marketing agencies build and provide the ongoing support needed for WordPress sites. They are fashionable and easy to use. What customers see is a beautiful, powerful website that brings them traffic and prospects.

Well, we have done some network marketing work for some of our clients, so we are already familiar with some cheap websites. In the beginning, we did not understand why these sites were punished by Google. On several websites, the rankings we were optimizing were unexpectedly broken, and several websites disappeared from Google. It turned out that these sites were hacked through some “free” plugins used by their network administrators. This is one of the biggest problems we see. Free themes or add-ons are usually scripts loaded by malware to spread viruses.

Even the main plug-in may have problems. Yoast is a popular, free SEO plugin. Last year, their automatic “updates” caused problems, and more than 110,000 websites were punished by Google; ie. ; Many have been removed from the search index. (Searching for Yoast plugins will lead to a drop in Google rankings)

The following are the reasons why WordPress projects usually go wrong. First of all, business owners do not have any professional knowledge of modern website marketing projects. What they really understand is the price. So, they got a sales promotion saying that WordPress is cheap and they can do all the updates and additional content by themselves. Sounds great, especially when compared to organizations that want to charge a few thousand dollars and then charge a monthly fee to update their website and code.

When these WordPress developers encounter hacking issues, the typical response is that customers are responsible for updating WP themes and all plugins every week.

From the point of view of search engine optimization, after doing a lot of work to get a high ranking of the website, these can be completely eliminated by hacker attacks. Google will remove the site from their index. Although we can submit a “re-join application” to Google, this requires a lot of work, and usually the ranking will never be restored. The best solution is to restart a new domain name and new website.

Today, based on webmaster guidelines and best practices in the search industry, most small businesses only need a well-optimized one-page website. Ranking is easier, and most importantly, when someone searches on a mobile device, it is easier to receive your message and request to take action in front of them. They don’t have to deal with website navigation. Mobile device users do not need additional pages to search. They need a quick description of the product or service, action requirements, and a clickable phone number at the top of the page. We now propose to build a website created with pure HTML code. It is uncrackable, and no third-party script can hide malware. Companies like DynoWebsites provide these services.

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