Why page search engine optimization is critical to your success

it’s easy to overlook the appropriate page search engine optimization and link building to move (out of a page search engine optimization) too fast. This is a big mistake made by many people, which makes the task of getting high search engine rankings more difficult.

Earlier this year, I saw some data showing the factors Google considers when determining page rank. I don’t know if these data are accurate (they are now outdated), but let’s assume they are in the correct range. The weights are as follows:

Backlinks 65%—Considering the number of links, the authority of the page from which the link comes, and the anchor text used.

20% of other factors, including traffic volume, domain name age and loading speed.

On-page search engine optimization 15% of keywords related web pages.

You might conclude from this that on-page search engine optimization is not important, but it is not. When you tell Google what your page is about, think of on-page search engine optimization (SEO) as useful. It has been noted that Google wants to see what other people think your page is about and how popular it is. They value the evaluation of others rather than your own evaluation.

The problem is, if you say nothing or send a confusing message, you will need more people to say that your page is good, and then you get a good ranking.

To see an interesting example, enter the keyword in and click here. You will see that most of the pages listed above are download pages from companies such as Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft. These sites are not optimized for on-page SEO this semester, and there is no “click here” words, but they have a lot of backlinks.

However, it is interesting that the second-ranked website is an advertising company called Click Here. Their page rank is 5, has 390 backlinks, and ranks 9th before Apple Quicktime downloads, with more than 1 million backlinks. We have to conclude that they did some on-page search engine optimization and said they were about “click here” while Apple did not.

Therefore, you need to send a strong and clear message about the keywords that your page is relevant. This web search engine optimization is not the most exciting task, but it is well worth doing, and there are tools to help.

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