Why PPC is right & the skeptics wrong

, if there’s one thing people always say that search advertising is this: “.. No one I certainly will not click on those” If you install a camera at the top of their computers, you will It was found that almost 100% of people did click on search ads. They just don’t want to admit it or are not fully aware of it. But this is not the subject of this article. This article is about “evidence” that some people use to deal with search engine advertising. What do these data show?

The statistics they quoted show that only a small percentage of searchers actually clicked on search engine ads, which is a fact. However, this is not the whole story, but it is usually where they end the story. These numbers do not really prove what it looks like, nor can they really measure a real, targeted response. In other words, it is the reaction of real customers. Here is an example.

A searcher enters the phrase-“car repair” in the Google search box. Now, think about it. What are they really looking for? Information on how to solve car problems at home? Or are they looking for a repair shop that can spend money to repair cars? Whether they are looking for a guide to repair it themselves or looking for professional services, one thing is for sure. The advertisement of the auto repair shop will be shown to them.

PPC search advertising works just when it should be

is the fact that advertising will show any and all types of searches, regardless of whether the person really intended to buy a product or service, which is distorted these numbers are so large. Search engines are more than just online versions of catalogs or yellow pages. They are an index for all possible purposes and goals, not just shopping.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that you don’t click on ads when the search target and the searcher have nothing to do with the expected transaction. Instead, you should look at a more important and relevant statistic. One that really shows the value of search ads. More important is the statistics.

This statistic shows that when the search is a transactional intention (they want to buy something), searchers click on paid ads as often as organic search results. The sound you hear now is the ringing of the cash register. There is only one obstacle that you must overcome to make the ringing start.

Search advertising and PPC campaigns are the same as any other marketing campaigns. You must do them well. This means identifying keywords used by searchers when making a purchase. It requires a knowledgeable person who knows how to find them and focus your activities on these keywords because they are pure gold. Don’t let the numbers thrown around by self-proclaimed search experts fool you. Statistics and numbers are important tools and important weather vanes, but if they lack a true background, they can easily be misunderstood and even lose their meaning completely. Smart marketers know that there is money in these PPC ads, and they will stick to it.

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