Why SEO should be your marketing tool is part of the five key reasons for

wondering whether the first page of search engine ranking is crucial to your business?

The following are five you should make sure that search engine optimization is part of the reason your marketing toolbox:

Google it

all searches on Google

in general, search engines, especially Google, now is the study of any purchase of the main way . Some of your potential customers will use Google like you to find the services or products offered. Appearing on the first page of search engine results will attract more customers to visit your website.

91% of respondents said that they prefer to use natural search results when purchasing products or services online.

Even new customers who come to you through recommendations will search Google for the services they are looking for and view the services provided. You need to make sure they see your company name when searching.

Shopping around – your customers are looking elsewhere

even if you have a loyal customer base, or you’re on a list of preferred suppliers, your customers are likely to search for your keywords in Google. If your customers are researching the market, or even looking for a service they don’t realize you can provide, do you want your competitors to win business just because they invest in search engine optimization and you don’t?

If you are in a highly competitive industry, you will need the help of an agency that specializes in search engine optimization, because when you want to get the first page ranking on Google, there are a lot of website and non-web factors to consider.

Number-one = Authority.

Many people who use the Internet believe that the company that appears on the Google homepage is the leader in their industry. 36% of search engine users believe that the company whose website ranks high in search results is the leading company in the field. Only 25% of people think that the search engine ranking does not mean that the industry is leading (iProspect/Jupiter Research 2006).

Further research also showed that 62% of users clicked on results on the first page, 92% of users clicked on results on the first 3 pages, and only 8% of users went further than the first 3 pages.


search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) generally much cheaper than traditional marketing methods, because the traditional marketing methods allows you to reduce customer acquisition costs to increase profits at the same time.

The conversion rate of organic search is often lower than that of paid search. Getting high results for valuable key phrases in organic search results is a very cost-effective way to drive important traffic to your website. In a recent study conducted by Hubspot, 43% of companies reported that the cost per lead for organic search marketing (SEO) was lower than the average cost per lead for their business.


organic search and trust more popular than sponsored links. You should use search engine optimization to get more traffic at a lower cost. Sponsored links are a cost-effective way to get your business on the first page of search engines, but usually natural listings bring more traffic to your website at a lower cost per sale. When they want to buy products or services online, 91% of people say they prefer to use natural search engine results (Tamar 2008 Search Attitude Report). The same survey also found that 31% of people choose natural search instead of paid search results because they believe search engines can provide them with the most relevant results. If you want to be the leader in the market of your choice, make sure that your position in the search engine reflects your market position, which is an important part of your future customers’ perception of your brand.

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