Why Social Media Marketing for SEO and SEM is crucial

now, people are very excited about social media, it is taken for granted. This is an effective and economical way to promote a small business online. If they can’t find new prospects and customers on the search engine, they may use Facebook to search for companies or organizations by name. Facebook or Twitter should guide them there. Although these are powerful online marketing tools for small businesses, they should not be seen as alternatives to websites.

Companies and organizations that have their own websites will want to use social networking strategies to drive traffic through their own websites-where goods or services are described, portrayed, and sold.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places for companies to reach out to the public, get positive and negative feedback on products or services, and expand their online visibility to a wider market. The ultimate goal should be to review the online traffic of the company or organization’s website. Ideally, visitors can learn about the company or organization from a broader perspective, and be “selled” to

transfer traffic from social network accounts to websites

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow members to post links to websites of interest. Click traffic refers to when visitors arrive at the company’s website from other locations on the network (such as Facebook or Twitter). Increase click traffic on social media sites by posting special offers, online coupons, events, news, interesting facts, etc. When the idea of ​​the day is posted, link to the page on the website that is synchronized with the conversation. When appropriate, link to pages that require action, such as a contact us form—especially when online specials or coupons are promoted. Don’t post links to the company’s homepage again and again. Friends and colleagues will be troubled by this. Link to interesting website content, blogs, news articles and audio and video podcasts. Summarize the content contained in website links in an attractive and interesting way to get more click traffic. If a company or organization’s website is dependent on content, start to develop and add new web pages and posts to increase search engine optimization and strengthen a social network activity.

Don’t forget social bookmarking sites

Although Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter seem to be the most watched in the social media field, there are other large websites, namely social bookmarking sites, that can effectively drive website click traffic. Examples of these sites include StumbleUpon, Digg, Diigo, Delicious, etc. These sites allow members to post links to other sites of interest. A short and convincing summary tends to attract the most people. Photos (on the linked page) will make the post visually appealing. People who visit social bookmarking sites usually do not collect friends, but introduce visitors to sites that provide a lot of information and are user-friendly. Please feel free to post links to your favorite websites (except company websites) to make your account authentic.

Measure Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn website traffic of

interest related to a company’s or organization’s executive will want to know the ROI of social media activities (ROI). In order to effectively measure traffic, a Google Analytics account or other statistical analysis program must be “attached” to the website. At the end of the month, review Google Analytics to find out which social media sites send click traffic to the site, how much traffic passes, and which country, state or region it comes from.

Using social media to create a wave of popularity of

social media use in conjunction with the site is a good way, it can arouse interest in a company or organization. To be most effective, it is recommended to post to social media accounts every week. Consistent posting is essential to increase click traffic to the website.

Once a visitor comes to a company’s website, make sure that an attractive, easy-to-use web design keeps them there. For more information on social media activities or search engine optimization, please visit

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