Why submit a large number of links to your search engine optimization is dangerous

if you do link directory submission, you may have seen such a proposal like this: “! Submit your site to over 300 other directories instantly,” or “Let us You submit the catalog!”. I have to admit that sometimes, I really want to take advantage of this opportunity. Why not do it quickly and easily? Especially if I can just fill out one form and send it all out. This makes sense. In fact, this might be a very bad idea.

In recent years, link building has become more and more complex. You have asked Google to carefully study how a website’s backlinks are established. Are they too much too fast? Are they from “good neighbors”? Recently, we have seen Google acquire sites that they believe are selling links to their sites to the highest bidder. This seems to include the previously free directories, but now submissions are charged. What does the link generator do?

These two things you have to do a successful search engine optimization link building

First of all, as I have written in previous articles, do not try to build Rome in a day. In other words, keep working on your links over time. The rapid growth of 500 links in one day will have a huge impact on search engines.

Second, this applies directly to proposals submitted in large numbers, and you have to change the actual text that makes up the link. If you use this form to click on all the directories, you will only have one link text, and all of them will be used. Again, this tells Google to take a closer look at your website. This is not the attention you want them to give you.

Although the catalogs that have been submitted in large numbers are attractive, think twice. It is important to change the link text. Not only to give your link a more natural look, but also because you want to click on multiple keywords in your link. At least you will be smart to try variants of your main keywords (plural, synonyms, etc.). This will strengthen your “whole site” search engine optimization.

SEO rule of thumb: there is always a wrench somewhere at work

Now, some of you read this article and think:’My competitor uses the same link text repeatedly in his backlinks. He has been more than two years. Yes, there are exceptions to the rules. It is also true that we live in an imperfect world. Moreover, the most shocking thing is that Google’s algorithm is not perfect.

Some people go against all traditional search engine optimization knowledge, but still succeed in some way. It is only part of the wonderful world of search engines. What I am here to give you are the guiding principles for long-term success. They may not have immediate results, but you can confidently know that it will pay off. You don’t have to worry about getting caught for black hat search engine optimization. Patience is a virtue. At Google, this is the path to sanity.

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