Why submitting your website to search engines is a waste of time.

We have all seen such advertisements on the Internet, and we can spend money to submit our website to thousands of search engines. It’s easy for new webmasters to think this is a good deal. After all, who doesn’t want free search engine traffic? Some services charge about $20. There are two reasons why these services are not cost-effective.

First of all, there are not so many search engines worth submitting. Try this experiment: ask all your friends to name as many search engines as they can think of. Add up all the numbers and figure out how many have you come up with. This number is probably less than ten. Most people use only a small part of these thousands of search engines. The most popular are Google, MSN and Yahoo.

So just submit your website to the top ten search engines and you will be fine. However, I do not recommend doing so much work. First of all, submitting your website to search engines does not necessarily give your website a good position. You can be in search engines, but you have millions of sites in the search results. This will keep you as close to zero visitors as possible. So how do you make your website rise in the rankings? This is good news. Just like you enter a search engine. You must get the link. Search engines don’t really need you to submit your website to them. If you get a link to your website from other websites, search engines will find your website. These links are called backlinks because they point to your website. Why do search engines rank websites with a large number of backlinks higher? Search engines treat each link as a vote. If your website links to my website, it’s as if you tell search engines that my website is valuable. Now, if many other websites do the same thing, then my website will move up in search results. So all in all, there is no need to submit your website to search engines, they will find you.

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