Within three minutes found a fake search engine marketing company

if you ever received an e-mail promises top ten ranking in the search engines, please raise your hand. I always have, and I’m in business. Often, these

companies use “black hat” strategies lets you kicked out from the search engines. These strategies include hidden text, portal pages invisible to the public, link farms, and various other strategies.

In general, black hat search engine marketing (referred to as SEM) companies use deceptive sales practices and prey on those who know they should do business owners search engine

optimization (SEO) but do not quite understand it. Fortunately, these companies have some similarities in deception. The following five types of false discovery method of search engine marketing

companies as well as three great way to find a quality SEM company.

They promise to board the front page in a short time

a false SEM firm commitment, in the top ten search engines, you will have at least three keywords on the home page. Remember, the three major search engines-Google, Yahoo! And MSN account for about 90% of the

search on the Internet. So the seven low-ranking search engines divide the last 10% into two parts, let you choose the top 10 key phrases, and then let you enter the lower-ranked search engines, which have a small proportion of searches. So

false SEO companies to honor their commitments, but this did not lead to a substantial increase site traffic.

Their website is not high ranking or blacklisting

them to register high in the search engines do? Are they blacklisted? You can enter “site:www.theirdomainname” through Google or other search engines to determine their blacklist. If there is no result, then they are probably already blacklisted or brand new. One of my clients and the company signed a contract

last year. I showed him that both websites of this company were blacklisted, probably because of the use of deception. Do you want your website and business to use deceptive means to promote sales? Do you want to be blacklisted by Google?

They are vague about their work in their statements

a false SEM company will give you a vague idea of what they will do, I will not tell you what they would do evil things. When a company talks too little about details, be careful when it is unpredictable. In my proposal, I gave some details, but did not disclose my suggestion

trade secrets. If they do not provide at least some details, then they may be trying to hide something.

When they say you do them when holmium holmium Ni o

One of my clients with a search marketing company to talk about the issue of pay-per-click advertising, let me see. The company asks for a payment of $ 10,000

flow commitment, a good cost per click. But it took three years to calculate his phrase search volume. Thank you, but no thanks. So

black hat outset with rhetorical questions, assuming that I do not use their services, and I’m an idiot. I said “no” calmly again, and he started talking again, so I hung up the phone.

Don’t waste your time on a bully.

They contact you

if they are very good at search engine optimization, then you should contact them.

They will have high rankings on search engines. There are some legitimate companies that take the initiative to call, so they ask for letters of recommendation from successful customers.

Three great ways to find a quality search engine marketing company.

If you want to do scanning electron microscopy, I suggest:

talk to colleagues or friends who have succeeded in other companies. They should be able to tell you what they see concrete results, and how they perform
their search engine optimization company is being processed.

Use search engines to find local companies that perform well on search engines. If you live in Dallas, enter “Dallas SEO Company”.
Assuming that the people on the homepage are locals, you can meet with them to learn about their working methods, fees, and the results you might expect.

Listen to the three basic principles of SEM. A true search engine optimization company will talk about how to find the best phrases in the market, get more content on your website, and get links to your website. They may recommend some assistive technologies.
These three strategies should be the foundation of their work.

You can ask them for details within three minutes. If you have any questions about any of these three questions, politely say that you are not interested, and then hang up. Then I started looking for a well-known acquaintance who showed well on search engines and used good basic knowledge. Doing so can save time, money and headaches.

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