WordPress SEO WordPress advantage of using a search engine optimization

I heard “Google love WordPress”, thus WordPress SEO easier than static websites. I don’t believe this is true, because we’ve seen many times that Google’s goal is to show users the most relevant content. If one site is partial to another site just because of the platform on which it is located, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Nevertheless, WordPress search engine optimization (as well as general blog) than the static website does have some advantages, so that in this sense, WordPress search engine optimization easier:

general blog

Most blog sites are WordPress website or blog that contains ( Although it is not necessary to have a blog), the whole point of a blog is to publish regularly. Search engines like websites that are updated regularly, so WordPress SEO has an advantage here.

Easy to update (no technical knowledge) A

static website may be difficult to update and maintain, but with WordPress, it is very easy and does not require any technical knowledge. This means that WordPress sites are more likely to be updated regularly, which is another advantage of WordPress SEO. An important benefit of


WordPress is that all WordPress sites automatically have an RSS feed. This makes it possible for anyone who wants to update via an RSS reader or directly to their email. The feed can also be submitted to the directory to get links and traffic.

With a popping noise,

WordPress will automatically Ping updates so that they will be indexed faster than static sites.


Reviews can be left on the WordPress content, which will create interactivity and return visitors. Developing a good relationship with such a person can bring a powerful force to an SEO proposal.


There are a large number of plugins that can be installed in WordPress, many of which are related to search engine optimization. These help configure WordPress SEO to the maximum effect, probably the most famous is “all in one SEO package”. Among other things, this can control how the website is displayed on search engines, control the repetitive content inherent in the WordPress structure, and allow you to control the title, meta description, and meta keywords of each page/post.

Again, all of these can be set up easily and quickly (change if necessary) without any technical knowledge. You can even get a WordPress search engine optimization plugin to check the effectiveness of your optimized web pages and posts, and then tell you that you need to improve.

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