Wordtracker just six steps you can easily complete

I recently received a lot of questions about how to use Wordtracker keyword research process. So I thought I’d take a few minutes this morning, explained step by step detail

exactly how I through a keyword research conference.

As many of you already know, the success of any good optimization plan starts with keyword research. Typically, you want to find words or word clusters can open other windows

into your site while giving your potential visitors with what they want.

Many website owners have this idea: they should optimize their sites as possible

popular keywords. Unfortunately, this means that they are competing with millions of websites and

competing for the same keywords. The most common keywords are not the ones that bring qualified visitors to your website. Most of the time, these popular keywords are generic and the competition is too fierce.

Let me explain to you how I find these things step in the study

of valuable keywords

first of all, I think the one I know the most common root is a large number of competing pages.

I chose the WT is Keyword Researcher I would prefer to know what keywords people

are searching instead of using the keyword universe, it showed me how keywords on the 200 sites of previous use.

For example, let us in on a Web site about “bass fishing” work

of the most common and popular root keywords, I will start with the “bass fishing.” I usually

like to start with a root, but in this case, the two-word phrase bass fishing even more

detailed then just fishing, so I started from there.

I just want my answer to be related to the “perch” of fishing

Looking for a keyword cluster, which will be related to the overall purpose of my

site. Also this point I do not care at Key or competition page I just want to find a

part of my website keyword phrases.

In order to let me know what I am facing, I wrote down the most common keyword of the competition

“bass fishing.”

Bass fishing 253446653000 0.01

Like I suspect those are quite high numbers, even for the most experienced professional SEO. Will not try to compete with it. Competition page 6.53 million and

only 0.01

when I look carefully at my answer, I saw these:

FLW Bass Fishing Championship 814 923 0.07

handmade bass fishing jigs 1193 40.33

I found some less good numbers, but I know that we The website lists the top bass fishing competitions in the country, including the FLW series, and we also reviewed fishing lures, so I wrote down these two phrases so I can finish them.

Next, I will search each of the above words separately: flw-bass-fishing-manufacted-jigs and tournament to see what I came up with.

The first word “flw” didn’t think of any words I could use, so I went on to the next one.

I’m really trying not to be tracked, you can spend a few hours in WT but get nothing

before completion, so every time adhere to a 3 or 4 keyword phrases, then proceeding to the next phrase pick it out .

As I predicted, bass fishing and these two words are too general, did not give me anything

I can use, but I do not give up, I still continue to explore every word I came to the phrase in the

beginning when

My next word is “handmade”. From my experience, I should consider “handmade” as one word, and then divide it into two words “handmade”. It usually brings a completely different effects to our

results, this is also done well.

Handmade fish hook 234091 5.81

is not a very good number, but 23 people searched on it. I know that I can optimize the page of handmade fish hook on our website. In fact, it also provides our visitors with some handmade fish hook companies. H.

Let us continue with the next word “jigs”. Just like I wanted to try “jigs” and “jig” before, it will always give us different results.

Now we finally found the word “jig” and gave us such a good result:

Besgier Trailer 40709 177.80

I know I can put this type of bass fishing bait into a separate optimization page of our website. But

we have not finished, let us look at our last word “tournament” and the plural


Fishing Report tournaments 244 246 12.52

Bass Tournament Florida 12211 144.00

肯塔基巴斯Championship 9155 16.20

As you can see in the above After arriving, I found a few different phrases that I can work on our website. I learned from my

researchers are looking for information on the state of the game. This could open multiple

windows into our site but posting tournament information in each state and

optimizing each page for the state tournament bass. What’s interesting is…some things I don’t usually think of are produced by doing some keyword research.

This is how I complete every keyword research. The whole process should not take more than an hour, most of the time you will come up with some good possibilities.


From the beginning of your most common root

find several 3 or 4 word string, you can pick your own website, even if

their numbers are small

, respectively, studies each word, try singular and plural

remember not remember a time only the phrase

open up and discover new window in your site

last to optimize the new phrase on your site

if you find these tips valuable, you can sign up for free search engine optimization tips at the following URL:

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