You may not know the real danger and mutually beneficial relationship

interrelated. You put my link on your website. I put your link on my website. To some extent, it does have its use in search engine optimization. However, one thing is certain, that is, it is not as beneficial as it used to be. Google said that in their algorithm, these reciprocal links are not as valuable as one-way links. But this is not the real problem. The real problem with reciprocal links is another matter entirely.

The real problem with reciprocal links is that you can easily get the short tail of the transaction. In fact, you will never get anything from the transaction. There are several methods that can be done without your knowledge. Some examples:

The No Follow Link.’No Follow’, if you aren’t familiar with the term, is an attribute that can be added to a link that tells Google not to give any SEO credit or benefit to the site being linked to . In other words, all the other guy has to do is add’Rel=NoFollow’ to the link to your site and that link is now worthless. You link to them in good faith and, in return, you’re given an empty shell.

The link disappeared. Other times you will get a good link in return. a period of time. Then, after a period of time, they will take down the link to your website. What is left? Optimizing from your search engines gives them a complete way to benefit them.

Links to pages that are invisible to search engines. One of the tools used by webmasters is the Robots.txt file, which allows them to tell Google which pages need to be indexed and which pages do not need to be indexed. Your peer-to-peer link partner puts a link on the page they tell Google not to catalog. Google can’t give you any SEO credits, if they can’t see and index your links, can they? Now you understand.

What can you do to protect your SEO link

how can you do? There are interlinked software out there, but they can’t catch every dishonest website that uses technology. However, it can give you an advantage and protect you from the most common ways. But do you really want to keep monitoring these less valuable links?

There is nothing wrong with exchanging links with sites that you think are helpful or have good content for your visitors. Blogs often exchange links because the traffic they bring even exceeds the benefits of search engine optimization. This is a good reason to exchange links.

However, if you must always pay attention to reciprocal links, then maybe it’s time to look at other link strategies, especially when it comes to obtaining one-way links. Write articles, create solid content, start blogging. There are many ways to give your SEO advantage, and you are looking for more than just link deals. They may also last longer. Connecting with each other is not necessarily wrong, but your time and energy may be better spent on other efforts.

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