You need to know before submitting to the directory that will help you list the

directory submission is a simple way to get your website a one-way backlinks. There are hundreds of free web directories for you to submit. However, not all of these submitted documents guarantee that your website will be included in the list. Although this may seem like a very simple process, you should spend some time preparing your list (page title, description, etc.).

Write your description

Your description should be brief, but should summarize your site is about. Include the unique features of your website and make sure the grammar and spelling are correct.

Avoid starting your description with “this site” or “this blog” or any similar words.

Don’t include the website title in your description.

Avoid using marketing slogans

do not copy the description of similar sites. Also don’t use the same description as the one you use on the website.

The capital letters left in the first sentence,

the following are some of the factors that can increase your website get listed opportunities:

submit only your top-level domain (eg instead

Don’t use your list as a promotional tool. Avoid including product pricing and special offers.

Don’t use terms such as; best website, best information, cool, unlimited and other similar terms.

Try not to use free email accounts such as Yahoo, hotmail, etc.

Do not use titles that do not reflect your website. Keep it short.

Do not capitalize all the letters of the title. Only capitalize the first letter of the subject (not To, To, not the, the) and

do not submit sites that promote hatred, pornography, etc.

The title should start with the words A, The, An, etc.

Do not submit affiliated websites

submitted only once

Submitting your website to the directory is a time-consuming process. Although there are some automated tools available, you should always submit manually. Many directories are equipped with forms that force you to enter a randomly generated code before completing the submission process. So these automated tools cannot read these codes. Therefore, submission will result in failure. If you stick to these suggestions, the directory will most likely accept your comments after their review process. However, depending on the catalog, the review process may take some time.

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