Your search engine optimization How must change to succeed in Google’s Personalized Search in

Google rankings today can be very confusing. You can see that your website ranks in a position when you search. When your friends do the same keyword search, your friends will see it rank in a very different place. Search engine optimization, or anyone doing their own optimization, what to do? Or thinking?

Google has been using personalized search for some time. It meets their goal of providing searchers with the best “search experience”. What they mean now is on an individual basis, not just a large-scale customer service level. This means that they take into account:

how to search in Google

you what keywords

you click on a website or a list of what

you look or how to use Google Shopping to find information

and anything else they can observe or obtaining data

useful? Who knows? It is difficult to investigate what people cannot see and whether this is a better answer to their search query. In the end, it doesn’t matter. What to do, for our immediate purpose, is what we do, because that is what we can control. Like they said, right here. Deal with it. ”

This does not mean that your tried and true search engine optimization is no longer effective. The two cornerstones of search engine optimization, related content and links, are still essential. Don’t give up on them. In fact, they are as important as before, even Maybe more important. The

real measure of your SEO and online success will come from different metrics that many people already use. Although they should always pay attention to them.

These metrics are for organic traffic and the conversion rate you get from Google . This is the end. They should always be the focus of your attention, not just ranking. Ranking is important, but it is a means.

Personalized search means that your focus must be on search engine optimization to serve your conversion goals, regardless of It’s sales, leads, contacts, or whatever form it takes. It should be like this, but now, as the ranking changes, you have to take this more seriously than ever.

Continue your search engine optimization, but keep your eyes on those conversion numbers. This is your answer to Google’s personalized search.

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