Your traffic generation work does not work seven reasons

may be flow method you choose actually does not work. However, if you have researched this method before buying, it may not be true. Before you give it up, make sure it is not one of the following reasons.

But in fact, your expectations are unrealistic.
Maybe you won’t have a million tourists a month. This is okay, because it doesn’t even need a million page views to make your traffic bring you better revenue. It is more about increasing the proportion of tourists than the number of tourists.

You’ve been performing it
mean, sometimes you are very hard, but most of the time you do not execute your plan. Not magic, dear. There is always someone to do some work at some point. Either you do it, or ask someone to do it for you.

You do not plan to
, you know how they say the plan failed. If you don’t, trust me, that’s not good. There is a goal. If you don’t know what to do, base it on increasing your income. Recall that if you want to make the money you want, you need more and more buyers.

You used the wrong program
Not every traffic generation methods are good for every site or business. Some websites need to use RSS exclusively and extensively, rather than blogs-this may include a large number of forum resource sites. Others are great for blogs—any business that needs better public relations, search engine coverage, or conversations with consumer groups is suitable for this situation.

Of course, if you use your traffic method to help you rank high in the search engines, then this is a good way to measure the success rate of his plan. A client of mine told me yesterday afternoon that 73% of his traffic came from a blog we set up for him. enjoyable. We did not use any fancy things, just a modified version of the free blog system.

Who says blogging doesn’t work?

5- It depends on the main methods of search engines-but you don’t have a real search engine strategy.

The first thing is-search engine positioning is foolish for search engine positioning. You want to put your website in the natural sense of the phrases you rank for-so this is not to say that pay-per-click doesn’t work, but you may be bidding on terms that are not valuable to your business, or the conversion rate is very high. Low.

The same is true for the results of natural search engines. If you are ranked for something that doesn’t connect with your end users, then you may not be ranked at all.

You are not measuring your results, so you cannot track what went wrong with you. This mistake is destined to go back to every change you can remember, and you may even make the same mistake, but this time it’s worse.

You fly blind

not everyone needs advice. Not everyone needs to buy a book or e-book on a topic they want to learn. Some people have time to go to forums or newsgroups, read everything they can find, and learn through trial and error. Others read blogs to learn.

But no matter what method you use to learn the traffic method you choose, you must do it consistently, test and implement it. If you want to learn from others, learn from them. Why learn podcasting from someone who does not run a podcast resource, or have a podcast on their website? Why learn to blog from someone who doesn’t have a blog that anyone likes?

On the other hand, you also don’t want to be a traffic butterfly. Before every new method you hear of has time to prove yourself, you are used to it. There are other reasons for the overall failure of transportation planning. But this is the top seven. I find that if I can keep my clients away from these and follow some simple steps, they will almost can’t help but see a steady increase in traffic.

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