Your video views have surpassed 1 million other people’s views!

How to beat YOUTUBE – how to make your video rank on the first page of YOUTUBE search results with other videos with 1,000,000 views!

It took a friend of mine (hackers by industry) nearly a year to figure out how the YouTube algorithm reacted when ranking a video. This is his way of making a living. He knows how different algorithms work so that he can manipulate them and get paid. He called it “SEO”; I called it cheating.

So, after his hard work, I will be someone who will give it to you. Why? Because I find it very interesting holmium

I want you to remember that the algorithm has been changing; especially if YouTube found that this is common sense, and everyone started using it. So, as a disclaimer, this will only be valid for a period of time, depending on the extent to which the information has been misused. If everyone and their grandmothers start trying to put their crappy little videos at the top of the page, it will attract people’s attention—not the good ones. You try to show your friends your outstanding performance in cheating on YouTube, but suddenly you can’t find your video. Oh, wait a minute, you can’t even find your account! What exactly is going on?

So, I will break it down as simply as possible; step by step. Here it is:

Start 15 separate YouTube accounts-I mean completely unrelated. Different emails, different usernames, different profile information (if you choose to create any profile information).

To ensure that these new customers can get your favorite videos.

Let each account start a new playlist.

Add your key video to each playlist.

Make sure there are 60 other videos and your key videos in each playlist.

*Note: These other videos need to be related to your key video! (For example: when your key video is about grant writing, don’t add a bunch of cute baby videos to the playlist)

*Note: These other videos need to have at least 100,000 views; 1,000,000 views would be better.

Each account should like the new playlist of all other accounts.
that’s all! Don’t expect your video to jump to the first page overnight; it does take time. Moreover, it seems that you are not deliberately trying to deceive the system, I suggest adding some other videos to each account. Add them, like them, make some other playlists, no matter what. What I want to say is don’t let every account be trapped by a playlist with 61 videos (your key videos and 60 other high-rated related videos) and one “favorite”—your video. Obviously, this is a good way to ensure that your video never ranks high.

Finally, be careful. There is nothing worse than giving valuable information to an idiot who doesn’t respect its value and finally throws it away. For what? there is nothing! Just because he or she is an idiot holmium

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